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Have a Hard Time Entering a College of Your Dream?

A college entrance essay is a vital part of the college application. Even students with stellar grades can get rejected if the essay isn’t written up to par with expectations of the college. Students who attempt to write their essay should get familiar with elements that make a winning essay and know what mistakes to avoid that could lead to rejection. It may also help to review sample essays to get an idea of what colleges look for during the selection process.

A college entrance essay includes pertinent information you want the college to learn about you. Students make the mistake of providing too much information about previous accomplishments or details that may not be relevant to the essay purpose. To stay focused on providing relevant information your topic of choice should be something you’ll be comfortable talking about. Common college entrance essay topics to consider can include:

  • Evaluating something that had a big impact on you such as an event, dilemma or achievement.
  • Talk about an issue that is important to you (either on an international, national or local level).
  • Discuss influences made on you about someone of significance in your life.
  • An important experience you had that may bring diversity to the school.
  • A topic of your choosing that works to answer a question you created.

Your graduate entrance essay should clearly state information in a way the college can get to know you better. Try to provide a compelling and engaging essay with carefully chosen content. Look to show your true personality and things you are passionate about. You may want to have a brief narration of personal struggle you faced and how you overcame it. Your graduate entrance essay should show maturity, personality depth and thoughtfulness. A little humor can help when appropriate. You’ll also want to note the tone of the essay; try to keep it neutral.

How EssayCamp.com Can Help with Your Entrance Essay

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